Command Description Usage Type User Group Level
link Links your Online Sequencer account to your Discord account. How do I link my account? link Website 2
unlink Unlinks your Online Sequencer account from your Discord account. unlink Website 2
updateroles Updates your Discord roles. updateroles Discord 2
updateinfo Updates your account information in the Robo database. updateinfo Website 2
google Returns a Google search link. google <query> Website 2
vcrole Toggles "voice chat" self assignable role. vcrole Discord 2
users Returns current users in chat. users Discord 2
911 Notifies all moderators with a message. Use for immediate emergencies in chat like spam 911 <message> Website 2
confirm Confirm input from certain Robo commands. confirm Website 2
discord Returns an invite to the Online Sequencer Discord. discord Website 2
rules Returns a link to the Online Sequencer rules forum thread. rules Website 2
seen Looks up the last time a user was in chat. seen <username> Website 2
help Returns a link to this page. help Both 2
mute Mutes a user from Discord. mute <username> <length> ("silent") Discord 3
unmute Unmutes a user from Discord. unmute <username> ("silent") Discord 3
purge Bulk deletes messages. (10 by default) purge (number) Discord 3
nickreset Sets all user's nicknames to their Online Sequencer usernames. nickreset Discord 3
bradify Sets all user's nicknames to Brad. Only works on 9/22. bradify Discord 3
eval Evaluates JavaScript code and returns as a chat message. eval <code> Both N/A (Developer)
close Set's the #website-chat permissions to read only. close Discord N/A (Developer)
open Set's the #website-chat permissions to read/write. open Discord N/A (Developer)
game Sets the bot's activity message. game <game | "reset"> Discord N/A (Developer)
manuallink Manually enters a user into the Accounts database. manuallink <userid> <username> <discordid> <usergroup> Discord N/A (Developer)