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"<>" parameters are required, "()" are optional.

Command Description Usage Type Permission Level All Guilds?
link Links your Online Sequencer profile to your Discord profile. link <userid> Discord @everyone No
unlink Unlinks your Online Sequencer profile from your Discord profile. unlink Discord @linked No
vcrole Toggles "voice chat" self assignable role. vcrole Discord @linked No
users Returns current users in chat. users Discord @linked No
game Sets the bot's activity message. game <newgame | reset> Discord Developer Yes
manuallink Manually enters a user into the Accounts database manuallink <userid> <username> <discordid> Discord Developer Yes
nickreset Sets all user's nicknames to their Online Sequencer usernames. nickreset Discord @Admin No
close Set's @linked channel permissions to read only in #website-chat. close Discord Developer No
open Set's @linked channel permissions to read/write in #website-chat. open Discord Developer No
purge Bulk deletes messages. (100 by default) purge (number) Discord @Admin OR MANAGE_MESSAGES Yes
911 Notifies all moderators of chat abuse. 911 <message> Website Registered N/A
confirm Confirms 911 message. confirm Website Registered N/A
discord Returns an invite to the Online Sequencer Discord. discord Website Registered N/A
rules Returns a link to the Online Sequencer rules forum thread. rules Website Registered N/A
seen Looks up the last time a user was in chat. seen <username> Website Registered N/A
help Returns a link to this page. help Both @everyone & Registered Yes
eval Evaluates JavaScript code and returns as a chat message. eval <code> Both Developer Yes
silence Silences a user. silence <userid> Both @Admin & Moderators No
unsilence Unsilences a user. unsilence <userid> Both @Admin & Moderators No
mute Mutes a user. mute <username> <length> Discord @Admin No
unmute Unmutes a user. unmute <username> Discord @Admin No
setup Sets up a guild with a linked user role. setup Discord MANAGE_SERVER No
invite Returns a link to add the bot to a guild. invite Discord @everyone Yes